chicken buildings nebraska

Chicken Coops

Quaker or Ranch style building with single entry door and a small chicken door. Windows on one wall leave ample space on the opposite walls for coops and nesting areas. It also allows more control of sunlight by situating the building so your brood gets more sun during the long winter days.

The Quaker style is a favorite for chicken coops because of the protected windows under the eave on one side and ample room for coops on the back wall.

$75 for each additional 24″ window

SizeVertical Siding Rent to Own for 36 Months
8x10: pressure treated floor, 2-24" windows$2,052.00$95.00/mo.
8x12: pressure treated floor, 3-24" windows$2,350.00$108.80/mo.
10x12: pressure treated floor, 3-24" windows$2,860.00$132.41/mo.
10x16: pressure treated floor, 4-24" windows$3,565.00$165.05/mo.
12x12: pressure treated floor, 3-24" windows$3,175.00$146.99/mo.
12x16: pressure treated floor, 4-24" windows$4,200.00$194.44/mo.
12x20: pressure treated floor, 4-24" windows$4,850.00$224.54/mo.
12x24: pressure treated floor, 4-24" windows$5,700.00$263.89/mo.

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