About Quality Storage Buildings

pre built sheds for sale in south dakota

Quality Storage Buildings is a family owned and operated business located near Alexandria, South Dakota.

Our focus is to offer you pre built sheds for sale and storage shed cabins that are hand-crafted with the traditional and unfailing method of skilled workmanship. Our skilled workers see the product through from start to finish. Each craftsman takes pride in his work and you’ll notice the pride in your building.

We decided as a family business to give our customers ‘peace of mind’ with a quality and uncompromising structure over the mainstream ‘slap-together’ that many other companies offer.

Knowing you are getting the best value pre built sheds for sale is our goal. Our satisfaction comes from seeing your happiness – and with a great building, great delivery, and great service, there is a lot to smile about.

Shop and mailing address:
42663 SD Hwy 38, Alexandria, SD 57311

Ready To Buy A Shed?

We’d be happy to build a storage shed just for you or feel free to choose from our inventory for quicker delivery. Whether you need more storage space, a place to fix your stuff, room for the boat and four wheeler, or a studio for your growing art collection, there’s a south dakota storage shed just for you!